The good cent:

I would definitely say that the best part of my UCOSP experience has been my project “mentor”, Blake Winton.  I’m not sure how he put up with my incessant IRC messages at all times of the day Sunday through Saturday.  I learned a lot about Mercurial and distributed version control from him, and he was always so chill that I couldn’t help but want to work on the ISPDB.  It’s too bad he’s not grading me for the course, otherwise this might be a nice little push towards a good grade 😉

The bad cent:

In short, the structure.  I didn’t bother reading all of the other post mortems so I hope that I’m not repeating anyone here…

The long version:

The structure of the course made it hard to give it priority equal to my other courses.  I know that I still put in a good amount of work, but I would have liked to put in more.  I liked the idea that “Greg” had (I know your dirty secret on this one Greg, and it’s safe with me 🙂 ),  but I think it still needs more structure.  If the 3rd suggestion had a percentage of the total grade (like 30%) where you either got your weekly milestone done (or a good blog post about what you came up against that kept you from completion) or you lost a percentage of your total grade.  As it stands now, it’s hard to see the real repercussions of missing milestones since they don’t have a direct, quantifiable effect on your grade.  I could go on about this one, but unless someone comments with questions I’m going to lay this to rest…