I’m not the first to say I learned a lot in this course, which was the point.  The most obvious thing I learned was that group projects aren’t what I expected.  Believe it or not, this is my first real group project for school.  Working in a team with meetings and dividing up the work according to who volunteers, and trying to figure out other people’s aptitudes and parse their code and figure out what check-in comments were referring to was an experience.  I realized how important the choice of technology is to the success and interest of a project.  I also learned some more about where my aptitudes and interests lie, and some about where they don’t.  I’m about to learn if I have any skill in doing a screencast, too!

And, of course, all the things others mentioned about the trip to Toronto being amazing.  I really enjoyed meeting new people – online, in Toronto and even here in Vancouver.  Having a chance to work on an actual project is always something fascinating, not to mention the nice networking opportunities.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect.  The project wasn’t what I had thought it would be.  I had expected to be working with PHP (which I was eager to learn), and ended up working mostly with Flex/Actionscript.  I don’t feel we met the goals I thought we were aiming for at the beginning of the semester, which is discouraging.

Despite that, I still really enjoyed the course, and have been recommending it to my friends.  Best of luck finding more people for next semester!