I’ve already met many of you in person, but I guess I should a bit about myself here too.

I’m in my final term of my computer science degree at University of Waterloo and I’m working on Mercurial this term.

At my last co-op job, I was feeling disheartened because the project I was working wouldn’t have any impact on anything anyone would ever actually use. So, when I heard about UCOSP I was excited about the possibility of working on something real and useful for a change.

I’ve a variety of co-op experiences, including working for the university on a what may one day replace Jobmine (our infamous online system for co-op), learning about C# and lots of other Microsoft technologies and crunching data with perl scripts and observing the ins-and-outs of sticking two different companies’ systems together while working for a company that was acquired by Google

I’ve also worked quite a bit with Java and C++, and occaisionally enjoy twisted my brain around with Scheme.