Working on Basie has been a great learning experience. There are always plenty of things to work on and learn from. The people are also great, I feel privileged to be able to work with a group of students who are so hard working and care so much about the project.

Like any project the ramp up time is the most painful. I feel that the ramp up time for Basie has been longer than I had hoped. The majority of my time is still spent searching the web for how to accomplish my task and getting scripts to work on django shell. I feel this is due to the amount of convention needed to learn as well as the amount of prebuilt built in functions to find/use.  It has been a little frustrating on this end because the amount of time spent on Basie is much more than the bugs I have fixed. However I do think that as I learn more I am able to get things done faster and cleaner.

The team at Basie has been great, everyone is incredibly hard working and works to get Basie running perfectly. Many members of the team are much more familiar with the technology as well as have much more experience than myself in web development. It has been great learning from them and they have been kind enough to help with any questions I have. At the same time I have felt a little pressure and the need to put in more time in order to get more done. I am ok with this, however it seems like Basie has taken priority over all other courses and I am starting to fall behind.

So all in all, I feel like I am on track and an happy with what I am learning on Basie. For the rest of the semester I hope to work more efficiently now that I am more familiar with django/jquery than the beginning of the semester. I hope to be able to fix more bugs and implement features quicker now that I have learnt the fundamentals of django. It will never the less be a challenging semester working on Basie but I am very happy and excited to keep at it.