Feb 23, 2010 1pm EST


Diane, Michael, Lenny, Matthew, Sylvain, Godfrey



General Update

  • Diane’s code is ready in her branch, instructions here http://dianetam.com/dev/blog/2010/02/22/flightsim-ui-status-report-week-of-feb-22nd/
  • Input definition finished, ready for use, Ticket 2949836
  • Conference information
  • Tuesday: Skype only
  • Thursday: by phone:
  • Conference ID: 4450146
  • Local Dial-in number: 416-343-2610
  • Toll-free Dial-in number: 1 866-251-2605
  • International Toll-free Dial-in number: 800-4444-9000

What we did


  • Server shipped to UofT

Lenny& Diane

  • Finished the integration of graphical indicator, code checked in
  • Lenny will follow up with UofT to get the server sat up there

Godfrey & Michael:

  • Will work out the scenario xml file

Jean & Sylvain:

  • Will work out the scenario xml file


  • Please create your tickets on sorceforge
  • Please post on WordPress regarding Greg’s email

Important upcoming deadlines:

Feb 25 – Video of scenario from start to finish with graphical indicators