Hi everyone, this is my midway update.

Well.. technically this is my midway update. However, since I’m a student at Université Laval we started our semester slightly later than the rest of Canada and it’s going to be over by the end of April. I plan on working on Basie until the end of my term so that means that I still have more time in front of me to get things done.

I feel that I am slightly behind schedule right now. I have defined various goals that should be reached during the following weeks. Everything will be done in order to reach those goals and make sure that everything is completed on time. Now that Basie 0.6 is out, I can start working on adding Selenium testing on every applications within Basie.

The plan is to do 1-2 applications per week, depending on the complexity of the applications. This is very feasible and I will make sure that Basie’s front end is bug proof and refactor-friendly by the end of the term.

So far, working with UCOSP in general and on Basie in particular has been a great experience. I’ve met very motivated students and sharing with everyone has been a great learning opportunity. I’m looking forward to the rest of the term so I can give some of that back by making sure everyone’s work is tested and that future developers can easily create front-end tests.

Thanks UCOSP 🙂