The pony-build team just had our weekly meeting the other night and the following is what people have been working on:

1) Jack has been working on some command line stuff. You can follow his thread here, for descriptions of his changes as well as what he is planning to tackle next.

2) Fatima has been working on getting her coverage build script finished up and working, as well as refining the HgClone implementation in the pony-build client. You can follow along on her progress here, which is a great post on never giving up. The following thread all so pertains to her work on HgClone. Following.

3) Khushboo has been working on refining and finishing up her nose pony-build build script. See the following two posts on her blog for more info here and here.

4) I have finished up some automatic folder creation stuff for GitClone and started to work on some things with virtualenv support. You can follow the cach_dir stuff here. The following thread covers some discussion on the virtualenv stuff–thread. Also see the following blog posts for more info on these items. Post 1 and Post 2.