The Ingres/Geotools team finally began work on actual implementation of classes and unit tests for the classes in Geotools at this halfway point. I personally feel that we are falling a little bit behind schedule, not beyond managable. We took our time in the initial phase afraid of making mistakes that compromises the quality of the output. The Ingres/Geotools team has have a lot to explore in the geospatial world as a toddler would have the world.

We already defined a very clear goal since the beginning and based on that, we finally setup in our plan, Looking at the size of the project in the beginning it seems reasonable, even at this point when we have detailed action items, I believe we are on the right track and its possible to see the project through its completion. However measuring against that, implies that we need to catch up on the actual implementation as we have got a lot to grind through. I personally do not think the effort spent in the first half of the term is wasteful, it just means we have a limited time left to execute the plan, a plan now much clearer than it would have been should we not have communicated and spent time understanding the concepts.

We are already learning at this point through the challenges and lack of information we have faced, that is how the real industry works, no matter how our courses have been like. We will continue to face these challenges but we learnt to be ready for it, and we could catch up by wasting no time trying and asking.