UCOSP has been an adventure for me. From the time I made my mind to participate in this program, I have had lot of different/ new experiences.  Getting excited about attending the code sprint and then getting denied for the visa was the first one. For once, I thought I won’t be able to participate in UCOSP. But fortunately, I still could. With the help of Skype, we had a virtual code sprint for our group, Pony-Build. It was a little hard at the beginning, especially for me because I had little to no experience on thing Titus (my lead) was talking about. But I had a good team; everybody helped me with setting up for the project.

The first task was to run the example script to see if the script works in my local machine and the server. This took few days as my computer was not set up properly. But finally I got it working. The next task was to choose a python package and to develop a build script. I chose the nose package and started working on that. Titus already had some example build scripts in his Github so it was a big resource for not just me but all of us in the team.  During the time when I was working on the nose package, I learned a lot about how build scripts work and also about Github. Getting used to Github took quite some time. The idea of different branches and repositories was quite new to me. I had done some sub versioning in Netbeans but this was something different. Now that I know how Github works, I feel much more confident. While working with nose builds script, I came across a lot of problems which helped me learn and understand these problems: what certain error means and how to solve and avoid such errors. Google has been the best friend all this time. I took quite a long time to do this but it was all worth. For my next task, I have chosen to work on building more scripts. I want to continue building more scripts so that I am more confident. Maybe I will do something different after this.

So far this capstone project has been a learning experience. I have learned my mentors, friends and Google! As I said earlier UCOSP has been an adventure for me and I hope it will still remain the same in the next half of the semester.

Cheers Khushboo!