In General, I feel that I started the term out well, but I am presently falling behind my expectations, the “midterm slump” as Benjamin calls it. Within the first few weeks of the term had I submitted my bug fix to the Mercurial mailing list. I hoped that each week I would have completed some tangible amount of coding, whether it be implementing a small bit of functionality or fixing a bug in last week’s work. This expectation arose from the fact that I feel I should have something to show for my efforts at each weekly status meeting. Since we started working on the bfiles extension, however, I find that all I have done is some discussion and reading through the existing code. These are important activities, but I have gone three weeks without any code written for bfiles, so I need to get down to work.

One challenge for me for the remainder of the term is finding the middle ground between coding without thinking and being paralyzed by indecision. The freedom UCOSP provides form rigid assignment definitions comes with the obligation to make some design decisions . As the existentialist say, we are doomed to choose. My personal tendency towards indecision and the difficulties coming to a consensus as a group are obstacles that this project will allow me to confront.

What I think I am learning the most about, or at least have been exposed to more than I have previously, is communicating with other developers online. Our team has been using IRC and email to communicate between ourselves . We have had some interesting discussions with more experienced Mercurial developer on the the Mercurial-devel mailing Benjamin has been very helpful with giving tips and answering questions about mailing list etiquette.

Overall, I have a positive outlook for our progress over the rest of the term. I feel that there are some challenges ahead, but we are certainly up to them.