Hi all,

The first few weeks has been simply non-productive since we had to find a way to install everything on our machines. No useful documentation was available for us to make this quick so we had to tweak files to make everything works. What’s nice about that is that now, documentation exists because we took the time to write some detailed tutorials for every OS (Windows/Linux/Mac). It’s always nice of being able to work on his favorite OS and not having to reboot to do so.

Of course, the time spent on that haven’t been use to work on the project itself so we had to push back deliverables a bit. It isn’t a bad thing since everything we do on this project, including the documentation written on the wiki, count somehow as a deliverable.

By the end of this project, I think we won’t have any problems to complete what is planned. We’re currently working on 2 scenarios/tutorials and we could probably work on another one if no technical problem occurs. But we still keep in mind that what IBM wants in the FlightSim project is quality and not quantity. We’ll then focus on that for the next couple of weeks.