This week is another productive week for Thunderbird Team in that most of us have finished most of their work!

Wei Xian has resolved his bug (restore session) and his patch has been pushed to comm-central. Also, he is going to prepare a “quick start guide” for future students who are going to work on Thunderbird. For myself, I have posted my revised patch and get the review from Blake. Now I have submitted a secondary review request and hopefully everything is going all right.  Evan is working on his own RFC 2425 parser to provide (de-)serialization of RFC 2425 directory entries into a data structure designed to support simple lookups on types and parameters. Now he is waiting for his patches to be reviewed. Zach is working on applying his patch and running mozmill test on his machine. There are still some issues for me to handle with the testing. Lindauson is still working on the menu items and seeking suggestions.