Apologies this is coming late, I didn’t notice I was set as the blog poster for this week!

It seems like several of us are having difficulties with unit tests, with myself and Zach having trouble getting working unit tests off the ground, and Wei Xian adding some polish to his previous unit tests.

Also, Tim and I are feeling the crunch of other courses so haven’t been productive over the last week.

Many of us, including Kefu, Tim, Evan, and Wei Xian have been working hard with Mozilla reviewers to make changes to their code. It’s nice to see that the project as a whole places such emphasis on code quality and correctness, and we’re all learning a lot from what they are telling us to do!

And of course, while working on tests and getting past code reviews, some of us are trucking along working on other tasks – Lindauson is hard at work trying to get menu items to behave the way he wants them to, Wei Xian is working on standalone message window behaviour, and I am working on listening to folder compacting events so that they properly display themselves in the activity manager.