CoRAL (Collaborative Review Analysis of Literature) aims to support and to analyze collaborative review of research literature in science. CoRAL supports collaborative review by providing a multi-format document browser which enables users to create and share annotations (the CoRAL viewer). Annotations provide means for commenting, discussing, tagging, and highlighting. CoRAL also supports both analysis and reviewing by generating visualized reports about how users collaborate and how researchers show attention to various pieces of literature (CoRAL reporter). In addition, CoRAL is going to connect researchers to each other, not only through discussing and sharing annotations, but also by providing a CoRAL friendship network and linking to other interesting networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

In Fall 2010, a UCOSP team started implementation of the CoRAL reporter giving it features on visualized analysis of reviewing activities in a community of researchers. Now, in Winter 2011, the new UCOSP team is going to further adapt CoRAL to the world’s social needs mainly by adding social networking means and a powerful goal-based search functionality.

During the code sprint in Jan 21-Jan 23, we studied the system’s code structure, discussed our team working methods, started learning programming in PHP and JavaScript, planned for a list of features and improvements to CoRAL, and derived a schedule and task assignment for the rest of the term. Then, we had discussions on the design and some implementation details of major functionalities of the system such as a featured search function. After all, picking up small and stepwise improvement tasks, every member got involved in the actual implementation.