Last week, members of the MarkUs team, new and old from all over Canada had the opportunity to meet at the University of Alberta in Edmonton to get some work done at the January 2011 UCOSP Code Sprint. The group had a great time and I feel we’ve really started out strong for the up-coming work term.

One of the coolest parts of the Code Sprint was the chance to get together with MarkUs team members face-to-face. It really helped in getting to know the people we will be working with for the next few months. Not everyone was able to join us in Edmonton but we still managed to get in contact with the missing team members thanks to the MarkUs IRC channel.

I think everyone in the MarkUs group can agree that by the end of the weekend, we had a successful Code Sprint. On Friday morning, everyone was ready to get started. We spent the first half of the day working with Severin and Karen giving us a presentation on Git and how we will be working with it on the MarkUs project. After that, we switched gears and began assigning bugs for fixing and getting our first taste of real work with MarkUs. The next day we began with a run-down of the procedures we’ll be following when using Review Board. Again, on Saturday afternoon we continued out work on bug fixing. Sunday morning was a little quieter since some of us had to start catching flights during the last few hours of the code sprint. Despite this, the remaining team members kept up our pace from the two days before and we happily coded for the remainder of the half-day.

All in all, we had a great Code Sprint which let us new team members get comfortable with the MarkUs code-base and meet up with the rest of the team. I’m really looking forward to working together with the MarkUs team for the remainder of the term and I’m confident we can continue the momentum we set at the code sprint.

– Karel Kahula