The Review Board team is happy to welcome our new 2011 Winter UCOSP

students! We’re looking forward to another successful semester of

Review Board development. So, without further ado, I’d like to

introduce the Winter 2011 Review Board Team:

  • Steve Sutcliffe
  • Kahlil Amlani
  • Mengyun Kong
  • Crystal Lok Koo
  • Teresa Hume
  • Mark Striemer

So the UCOSP codesprint finished up last week, and a lot got

accomplished. Students arrived with a Review Board development

install all ready to go, so they were eager to grab some easy bugs and

dive into the code. Lots of questions and traffic flew across IRC (3

/ 4 of the project mentors were not at the sprint, but were idling in

an IRC chatroom answering questions). Our students also got familiar

with Review Board’s Git workflow, and learned how to submit patches.

And patches were submitted! At least one of those patches has already

been merged, and the rest are still under review.

The team also used the weekend to tentatively select what projects

they wanted to work on. The projects are as follows:

A Post-Commit WebUI (Crystal, Mark)

Review Board so far has been geared toward pre-commit review, where a

change is put up before it’s committed. Many users want to be able to

instead select a revision or set of files (it depends on the type of

repository) and put them up for review instead. We’d need a good UI

for doing this.

Quick Search (Crystal)

Unlike the full-blown search that searches all the fields and file

paths and reviews and such, we could have a simple “quick search” that

provides a search field (we’d use the one for the standard search)

and, while typing, drops down a list of possible matches. It would

search summaries, review request ID numbers, users, and review groups.

It’d be a much faster way of getting around the site at times. A lot

still would have to be figured out for this.

Spell Checking within Source Code (Mengyun, Kahlil):

When syntax highlighting is used for diffs, Review Board can know if

it’s looking at a comment or a string or whatever. We could run a

simple spell check on the words and mark ones that might be spelled

incorrectly. We’d probably also want some way of adding words to the

Review Board install’s dictionary, which means adding new API.

Extension Development (Mark, Kahlil)

We’ve been working on an extension framework for a while now. It’s

coming along, but additional work probably needs to be done. What

we’ve been doing in the past is having someone work on an extension

idea and making sure that our extension framework is set up to do it.

Scalability Testing Tools (Steve)

We could always use new ways to help test the product.

One thing that would be useful would be a script that could

auto-generate/populate a database with sample data. It should be

configurable to create a certain amount of review requests, reviews,

diffs, users, etc. I should be able to run it and tell it I want

100,000 review request, each with between 1 and 10 reviews, and 1 and

5 diffs, across 300 users, and get a database I can work with. It

would greatly help for scalability.

Theme Support (Teresa)

Make it easy to override the look and feel of the site. Admins should

be able to drop a set of template files, images, CSS files, etc. in a

directory and configure Review Board to use that. What exactly we want

would have to be discussed further. It’s easy to go overboard or do

too little on a task like this.

It was a very successful sprint, and we’re looking forward to an

equally successful semester!

Mike Conley