From Feb 3rd to Feb 17th, we continued to work on implementing some of the core features of CoRAL, including searching, uploading and claiming publications, changing user profile settings. Except searching, only logged in user has access to these features.

Most of our work is on the user’s profile page, and we have made a lot of changes to both the user interface and functionality. In settings tab, user can change his/her information to be private or public, or modify some personal information, including password. In publication field, user can claim papers that are already in the database. Regular expressions are created for user provided data to verify its validity. We have also changed the setting of the server in order to upload paper.

A number of minor changes were also made to the website, such as making DOI not necessary for claiming and uploading papers, aligning text/options to make user interface better. We also talked about the community score at the meeting and come up with some ideas. In the upcoming week, we will learn to use Apache Solr to implement our own search function, add register page, add functions to let user change their own pictures, and try to find a reasonable function for community score.

– Lei Dai(Daily)