At the amazing code sprint, we became familiar with our teammates, git and Reviewboard and now after the kick-off, we begin to dive into Reviewboard.

It is first step that costs troublesome, especially when there are quite a lot of new stuffs (e.g. python, django, git, Reviewboard, etc ) Sometimes we don’t know where to go and sometimes we mess up the code. Fortunately, there are people we know we can turn to for help—our mentors! Q&A on IRC channel works efficient and weekly meetings are helpful too. We are learning by screwing up, searching, questioning and fixing.

Everyone in the team, have set one’s own project development plans including development strategies and milestones. And so far, we have had some progress:

• Steve is working on Scalability Testing Tools to help test the product, having fun with database. He also presented a presentation about Reviewboard to his university.

• Teresa, on editable theme support, have already built a simple Themes tab with a bunch of CharFields for editable options and is going to work out a color-selector.

• Kahlil is learning about extension and is now able to add buttons in the review area. He is planning to learn more about it and XML framework.

• Crystal, though is still recovering from illness and busy with midterms, spend much time on how the Quick Search Feature is going to work and reading lots on REST API.

• Mark looked into the post-commit UI but found it might not work out with just him. He is changing his project.

• Mengyun read about spell checking and tried to find out a way to implement it for Reviewboard. She is planning to build a demo one in the following weeks and improve it.

Working with Reviewboard is a kind of challenge but we do feel productive and interesting during these weeks. We’re looking forward to making some effective contribution to Reviewboard in the remainder of the semester!

Mengyun Kong