Hi All!

We are just beginning our tasks for our project – FreeSeeR, an open-source video capture tool customized for academic and industrial conferences!  After receiving our assignment to the project, we met traveled to Edmonton to meet each other:

Alex Perelygin, 4th year Math & Computer Science (joint major)

Simon Fraser University

Dan Palmer, 4th year Computer Science

Laurentian University

Maggie Yu, Math & Computer Science

University of British Columbia

Fei Wang, Computer Science

Lethbridge University

John Mavity, Computer Science

Laurentian University

Our mentor Andrew Ross was unable to attend, but we were able to work together through Skype and instant messaging, which let us begin our distributed-teamwork early:)

The weekend was a great success in introducing team-mates to each other and teams to each other, making our future (distributed) teamwork much easier;  our group personally had much effort invested in learning the project management process of our project (design specifications, project roadmap, scheduling etc.) and in the technical foundation for our project (configuring virtual machines to run varying flavors of Linux, installing and configuring requisite software libraries for the FreeSeeR project, etc.).

Although we will each be working on a different task in the project, where each task is fairly independent, our mentor proposed several ways to include teamwork/networking, notably through distributed code reviews.

In addition to the soft- and hard-technical value of the UCOSP code sprint, at the end of each day we were able to enrich our cultural experience and explore the city a little bit, visiting parts of the local district, the university area, and the West Edmonton Mall.

At the end of the Code Sprint, our team was familiar, our development environments were stabilized, our tasks assigned and we were ready to begin work!

— John Mavity