It’s been a while since the code sprint and everyone is settling down nicely. Apart from other courses, there haven’t been any major road blocks the MarkUs team has faced. Everyone is using the resources they can to breeze through the problems with their various issues. Thanks to our amazing mentors, many of us have overcome the problems we’ve encountered so far. The IRC channel provides a perfect place for efficient question and answer sprints while the mentors try to help everyone who’s stuck. It is also very useful for holding weekly meetings and catching everybody up to speed on how the team is doing.

We have a long list of issues so the team has split up and chosen whichever one they feel comfortable doing. The more knowledgeable developers have kindly directed us to issues they thought we could handle. At this point though I think that everyone has a very clear idea of MarkUs’s ROR structure and that we are all quite comfortable picking up things as we go along.

  • Karel has implemented a mark decay that reduces a submission’s final grade by a certain percentage every time the given time period passes. He’s also pairing up with Ibrahim to work on the testing infrastructure.
  • Bertan is trying to understand YML/CSV files and how they are used to create Rubric criterion (list of criterion for grading assignments). A developer from last semester had began to work on it so he’s focusing on adding to it.
  • Yansong is working on improving the information displayed on the dashboard. He’s started out by trying to display the grades of the submissions based on the TAs that marked the assignment. This way the distribution of grades can be checked for fairness and consistency.
  • Misa is working with Vivien on implementing a remark request page for both students and admins/graders.
  • Ibrahim has been asked to add drag-and-drop capabilities to grades entries to allow users to reorder them more stylishly. He is also working on testing infrastructure with Karel.
  • Tobi is trying to add a feature for admins to have the ability to temporarily give themselves another user’s privileges. It will allow them to see what a student/grader sees and better understand the problems that the other users encounter.
  • Danesh is adding a REST API file that helps admins create new users by sending an HTTP request to the application.

I think everyone’s enjoying themselves working on MarkUs, even though the last week has been somewhat slow for most of us. However, many of us have finished substantial amounts of work during reading week. Lets hope the pace keeps up!

– Danesh Dadachanji