Now that we have reached the middle of the term it is a great time for a blog post in order to see where we stand. </p>

Since the beginning of the term, we got all introduced to the POSIT app and got familiar with it’s components and architecture. In order to warm up, each of us started to look into some re-factoring and testing tasks. We identified few issues that were worth tackling but were also minor enough such that we could accomplish them in a short amount of time. Two weeks later we have already accomplished some of these tasks and were happy to contributed to POSIT. We have submitted some bug fixes, contributed to the documentation and cleaned some of the code.

Our next goal was to come up with a personal project proposal for the term. The idea was that each of us will find an independent feature to tweak or introduce to POSIT. Working as a team, we started to file issues on the Google Code page in order to raise some questions, hear feedback from previous and current developers, and get more familiar with the system. As a result of this process each of us got more and more focused on specific tasks that soon became the seeds of the personal project proposals.

The project proposals that are currently on the table and got a green light are:

Everyone is very excited to start the coding and start contributing to this amazing project so that the whole community will be able to benefit from it.


Eran Henig