Hi everyone,

Just a quick status update from the EOL team here: we have met each other at last at the fantastic UCOSP code sprint in Toronto!

At the code sprint, we learned a lot of things. Our awesome mentors Dmitry and Lisa started off by teaching us how to use Git and instructing us on the proper commit workflow for the EOL project hosted on Github.

We then spent the remainder of the code sprint setting up our development environments. There were quite a lot of things that we had to set up: Ruby, Rails, RVM, rubygems, Solr, Memcached, Rake, etc. It’s a good thing we had two veteran developers to help us navigate the dependency jungle!

We then spent some time looking at the EOL codebase, with an emphasis on the mobile site which we will work on. We managed to get some refactoring done and made our first contribution to the EOL codebase, which is a fantastic way to end our code sprint :). It was truly a great learning experience and I really think that we all learned something new at the end of the day.

Finally, we are committed to not only work towards improving the mobile site of EOL, but also to improve the user experience and installation process of developers coming in to help out with EOL. As a result, we now have a pretty clear idea on the directions that our team is going to take for the next week:

  • Johan is going to work on refactoring controllers and layouts for the mobile site to make it easier to work with.
  • Yuri will work on refactoring mobile controllers as well to make them more RESTful.
  • Sunny and Chris will work on improving installation docs for Ubuntu users while the experience is still fresh on their minds.
  • Tony will work on improving installation docs for OSX users.

and we’re planning to do much more for the future. Expect great things from us!

Johan Harjono (on behalf of the EOL UCOSP team)