While students are enjoying a summer away from school (or at least that’s what I’d like to think you are doing), we are putting all the pieces in place for UCOSP next year.

We had a very successful year with students from 25 Canadian universities participating. The enthusiasm and energy that students and mentors brought to the code sprints in Waterloo and Menlo Park was fantastic.

We recently learned that Google will once again be our primary sponsor. Without their continued support, UCOSP could not have grown in the program that we have today.

In the fall, we are thrilled to announce that Mozilla will be hosting the sprint in downtown Toronto. They have a great space and lots of expertise on site.

We are still working on plans for the January code sprint, but we hope to team up again with the great program that Jay Borenstein from Stanford is running.

We are also still working on finalizing the set of projects for next year, so stay tuned.

So, if you are a CS student at a Canadian university talk to your department to learn how to apply to participate.