Today, Eric and I (Owen) continued working together to modify the XMI parser to work for the eUML2 format.  We were able to successfully parse a simple UML diagram with properties and inheritance.

Botlhale continued learning PHP and how to connect to a database with it.  He also worked on how to generate an XML file from existing data in a database.

Holy and Alex continue digging into the way of visualization the Diagram. Finalized the XML schema between the client side and server side and gave a template about how it should look like. The design of the diagram and the interaction between the User and application have been done. What’s more, they chose the SpringGraph as the tool for representing the data, as it has very impressive UI and animations. Based on the former code, which was also developed by wikiDev for another purpose, they start the coding stuff and look forward to have a working prototype by the end of the code sprint.