• Just finished building a test suite for the xmi parser.
  • See the testing plan for an overview of how it works.
  • The main body of the code lives in xmi parser/src/testsuite/ Roadblocks

Looking to the future, I’m not sure how to get ramped up on what Bolthale is doing – when the parser is done Team Waterloo is supposed to switch to helping him out. I need to get this figured out by next week.

Next Steps

  • Add suitable tests to the test suite as we go.
  • Work with Owen to do general cleanup of the code we’ve taken ownership of.

    Pushed back to this week when I took full ownership of the test suite.



  • Parsed associations into a separate DB table, storing the entity ID and multiplicity of each endpoint
  • Created a new test UML diagram and XMI file for associations using the 2 different aggregation types (composite and shared) Roadblocks

  • The eUML plugin for Eclipse is somewhat buggy Next Steps

  • Parse the aggregation type of each association endpoint
  • Create some test cases for the test suite
  • Clean up the Java code
  • Look into using the SchemaSpy tool ( for visualizing the JDEvAn database



  • Parse the sample XML file to get the information about Class and the relationship
  • Finish the basic rending for one Class, with methods, fields & artifacts (e.g. emails, articles and so on)
  • Clean up the code from previous application (wiki map) Roadblocks

  • Need to find a way to represent the global structure for all the classes
  • Link all the info together to have a top-down view Next Steps

  • Add the relationship between multiple classes
  • come up with standard URL request to get the real data
  • Integration with the server part



  • Discussed API to be used between Team SFU and Team UVic
  • Better idea of what WikiDev is doing – I keep thinking I have an idea, and then getting it updated. Progress!
  • Moving towards finalizing XML format Roadblocks

  • Nothing, other than the usual scarcity of time. Next Steps

  • Make it look more like a UML diagram – move methods/fields inside class definition
  • Make the node filters along the side work (goal to get it done today, but set the deadline for our next meeting)



  • Held an online meeting with team SFU to discuss the interface issues
  • Discussed about and designed an XML schema to be returned when searching using pjsnapshotid
  • Set up an environment to test PHP code (IIS and PHP) and verified it connects to the project server
  • Discussed how querying using pjsnapshotid can possibly be accomplished
  • Clarification on the expected API’s Next Steps

  • Transforming the PHP code to have the methods getClasses() and getClassDetails(), initially designed the PHP code procedurally
  • Write SQL statements to query by pjsnapshotid
  • On verifying the SQL statement results, transform them into PHP to write the results in XML format that can be used by the flash team
  • Resolve any interface issues that might arise when writing code Roadblocks

Failing to open an XML file input stream in a local environment setup to run PHP, issue to resolved by reading online articles