Mark Breakdown

  1. 10% Course Participation
  2. 15% Team Participation
  3. 45% Deliverables
  4. 30% Weekly Progress


  1. Course Participation. Participation as marked by Greg for things like posting to the blog, responding to comments, attending code sprints, etc.
    • Rationale: This is an online, collaborative course. General communication certainly plays a part, and is integral to being a contributing member of the online community. It should not weigh too much, however; as a course, the focus must be on getting real work done.
  2. Team Participation. Participation in team meetings on IRC, use of the wiki and bug tracker, etc., as marked by Eleni.
    • Rationale: A program created in a vacuum is never the right program. Coordination of effort, buy-in from the target users (Eleni and team), and generally keeping developers on the same page are all a must if the project is to succeed. Another aspect where I want your participation is wrt to ideas on how WikiDev could be made more useful. Please review an instance of the different pages offered and comment (on the discussion page) on hw to improve its content, its layout, its relations to other pages
  3. Deliverables. The completion of target goals set at the beginning of the course and again at the end of October, as measured by Eleni.
    • Rationale: By “deliverables”, we mean the “product” eventually produced by the team, throughout the term. It is always satisfying to see projects get completed, with well designed code and through solid process. I would like to assign 20% to the team as a whole and 25% to each individual.
  4. Weekly Progress. A measure of progress / effort put in every week, as measured by Eleni, with input from each member, as reported in the weekly progress reports and in individual post mortem reflections.
    • Rationale: By “weekly progress”, we mean a measure of the effort put. Through our communications, I am aware of the work involved in each accomplishment, and when there is no product to show for the effort, I can still appreciate the wok involved in learning everything you have to in order to get things done.