As we prepare for the next group of students who will start in January, we are seeing some turnover in the project offerings for UCOSP, so I’d like to welcome the newcomers and thank the project mentors from the past term.

The project mentors for Waterbear, CodeIgniter, and Mylyn are all based in Vancouver which makes it more difficult to attend a code sprint in Toronto.  It has been great working with Dethe, James and Sam, and I hope we will have a chance to work with you again in the future!

We are also saying goodbye a long-term project: Phonegap.  Tim Windsor has moved to a different job and is not able to supervise students this term.  Tim has been a terrific mentor over several years, and it would be a great pleasure to work with him again.

We are welcoming two new projects this term, both from Mozilla: Jupyter Notebooks for Data Analysis, and Code Coverage Explorer.  I’m excited to see what students will do on both of these projects.