It all started on Thursday evening when we flew into the quaint city of Kitchener.  I quickly met up with some other UCOSP students and we all headed to the Delta to sleep off the plane ride over.

Bright and early on Friday we all met up for some breakfast buffet and walked over to CommuniTech for some really fun ice-breaker games where of course we paralleled processed our way to a win! It was great to finally meet everyone face to face, and learn all about everyone’s weird/unique talents. Next Karen gave us an overview of MarkUs and how the application is used, and what sorts of bugs are currently ongoing. Having a perspective on the product will definitely help when developing fixes for MarkUs.

Half way through the day we had a great break with the Google crew upstairs.  They were nice enough to show us their slide, cool chairs, and hidey holes for napping as well as giving a pretty cool talk on open-source technologies happening at Google.  The talk including topics on Chromium, PyCon and Cordova. It’s inspiring to see a company who wants to make the quality of the internet better in every way, and who sponsors university students such as ourselves to gain experience on open source projects.

For the rest of the afternoon we all took on a small task to work on so that we could make sure all of us knew the correct process for taking on development work, submitting it to be reviewed, and merged. There were many questions about git, rails, and ruby that were asked and answered.</ That night we went out for a team (missing Mina and Karen) dinner and drink (see picture below). On Saturday, some of the team worked with Byron on the testing framework. Since I wasn’t on that part of the team I’ll provide a picture of their overall design but not an explanation, which I’m sure someone can write a much better blog post on. For the rest of the day it was more of the same. I finally was able to issue a Pull Request, and I think in total our team was able to get (at least!) a dozen Pull Requests in this weekend. Overall, the code sprint was a great success! I think we all came away with a much better idea of what MarkUs is designed to do, and how it is built. Definitely a huge thanks to all the coordinators for organizing, and a special one to Google for making it happen. – Kira McCoan (UBC student, MarkUs project member)