Jesus Zambrano from Review Board writes,

Part 1- Intro and expectations for the semester:

Hi there, I am Jesus Zambrano and I’m a 4th year Software Engineering student at university Of Ottawa. I first heard about UCOSP through e-mail. Once I started reading about it I got really excited and decided to join UCOSP. I really liked the idea of working in a distributed team with students from other schools. In case you didn’t know, UCOSP organizes a code sprint per semester. At the sprint, students and their mentors gather and work on their assigned projects. This year’s sprint took place in Waterloo.

The project that I’m going to be working on is Review Board, a web-based tool that eases the code-review process for developers. More specifically, my task within Review Board will be to reduce the number of full-page reloads to move towards dynamic updating of the page content. I’m new to some of the technologies used at Review Board, but I’m hoping my effort will make up for it.

I expect this experience to be challenging but very rewarding in the end. I think it is a great way to really prove your self and show what you are capable of as a starting developer. This will be my first time working on a project where my input will potentially have an impact on real customers. It will be very fulfilling to see that my work has helped someone in some way. Which is really the essence of this profession, solving people’s problems.

Part 2-Thoughts on the sprint:

The code sprint at Waterloo was a great experience. The mentors are extremely helpful and know how to walk students through their problems. They do a really good job at motivating you to work hard (you don’t get your ship-it shirt until you fix your first bug!). I also enjoyed the environment we worked in; everyone was laid back and had a good sense of humor. But at the same time we were very serious about our work and getting things done. With Review Board, you really get a sense that we are all a group that is there to learn from each other as much as possible. For anyone reading this that is considering joining UCSOP, do it! You will have a great time. Thank you Steven, Mike, David and Christian for helping us and for your commitment to UCOSP!