UCOSP, the distributed undergraduate capstone course, is preparing for another year and we need your help!

Forgot what UCOSP is? Here’s a refresher.

Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects brings together students from coast to coast to work together on joint capstone projects. Students learn first-hand what distributed development is like. Each team has students from two or three schools, and uses a mix of agile and open source processes under the supervision of a faculty or industry lead.

Need to know more? We have answers to your questions on our About page.

In preparation for this September, we’re looking for:

  • Students: Work on an open-source project with other students from across the country—for credit! What could be better?
  • Faculty mentors: We’re looking to expand the number of schools participating this year.
  • Open source mentors: Are you involved in an open source project? Help a team of students make a contribution to your software.
  • Industry sponsors: We need your help to bring students together for a code sprint at the beginning of the semester.

If this has caught your interest, please get in touch via email: admin@ucosp.ca. Looking forward to hearing from you!