Welcome to UCOSP!

UCOSP is a program that brings together students from across Canada to work together on open source projects. Students learn how open source software development takes place, practice distributed development, and have the opportunity to work on project with knowledgeable industry or faculty mentors on software with real users.

Aug 4, 2017 - Fall 2017 Preparation

Preparations for the next term are well underway. We are finalizing projects with our project mentors, including some exciting potential new projects. We haven’t updated the project list yet, so stay tuned.

The code sprint will be at the Mozilla offices in downtown Toronto Sept 22-24. Students will be getting email shortly to start booking flights.

Dec 5, 2016 - Winter 2017 UCOSP Projects

Preparations for the winter term are well underway. We have 34 students signed up and ready to travel to Calgary in January for the code sprint. Thanks to our enthusiastic and generous mentors, we have 7 projects lined up.

I encourage you to go read the project descriptions.

Aug 18, 2016 - Fall 2016 UCOSP Projects

The open source communities have no shortage of generous people! We have nine projects ready to go and 28 wonderful mentors to work with students. I’d like to welcome back returning mentors from Reviewboard, MarkUs, Umple, Mylyn, and Firefox Code Coverage. I’d especially like to welcome Greg Mierzwinski who is returning as a mentor for Firefox Code Coverage after working on it as a UCOSP student.

We have four new projects from Mozilla: Firefox 3D Z-index Tool, TaskCluster-Pulse, Pontoon, and FlyWeb. The projects all look very interesting, and I’d like to thank all the new mentors for joining us.

I encourage you to go read the project descriptions.