Oloruntobi (Tobi) Ogunbiyi writes:

The UCOSP code sprint for the winter 2012 semester was held at UBC, Vancouver between January 20th and 22nd. The MarkUs Canadian team for this semester is made up of 3 students from UBC, 4 students from University of Toronto, 1 from York, and 1 from SFU. MarkUs is an online marking tool that provides instructors with the ability to hand out assignments online, students with the ability to submit the assignments and graders with the ability to grade and give feedback to students.

Most of Friday was spent at getting MarkUs development environments set up. There was also a Distributed Version Control System tutorial focusing more on the general use of Git which was followed by a MarkUs specific Git tutorial. Due to numerous architecture and operating systems issues, we also had to spend part of Saturday setting up some environments while students already set up fixed some bugs. Sunday was spent working on bugs and saying good byes. By the end of the code sprint, we got to fix three bugs and start working on many more.

The code sprint this semester was great. We got to visit Vancouver and meet other UCOSP students.