I am Anthony Mok, and I am in my last term of the Computer Science program at the University of Waterloo. I picked the Review Board project for UCOSP due to favourable past experiences with the software and a desire to want to contribute to the community; it also felt like a good opportunity to learn new skills and technologies. I met the other students and Mike from the Review Board UCOSP team for the first time this weekend at the Code Sprint at UBC.

The sprint began with a short group session, and shortly afterwards we split up into our individual teams and began what would be a solid weekend of productivity. We set up our development environments and workflows, and although it wasn’t without hardware and software issues, we more or less got straight to work fixing bugs, picking up long-term projects, and doing peer code reviews using Review Board itself. The code sprint had many good lessons, both explicitly in the form of a git tutorial (a version control system that is crucial in sharing and backing up work between distributed team members), and implicitly as we got comfortable working with the other members of our group and got our code reviewed.

I have picked up a long-term project in the form of a helper script that will generate the scaffolding for Review Board extensions. Essentially, this will fill out a bare-bones skeleton for a working extension based on a simplified configuration scheme that will be provided by a user. Currently, documentation on extensions is scarce, but I hope to be able to flesh out documentation on the wiki page with fellow team member Steven.

I am posting this as I wait for my flight home from an exciting and productive code sprint. I am confident that working on the project will continue to be as enjoyable and enlightening as this code sprint has been.