James Zhao writes:

This is the first blog post from the UCOSP Umple Team for Winter 2012. We are working on Umple project, which is a modeling tool and programming language which allows one to perform model-oriented programming.

My fellow USCOP colleagues have been working on some interesting projects. Adam Dzialoszynski has been working on SQL statement generation, which allows Umple to generate an SQL database schema. Sonya Adams has been working on adding a new feature to the Umple language which allows a class to be declared as immutable. Jordan Johns has been working on improving how code comments written in Umple code are saved and transferred to the compiled destination programming language code. Luna Lu is currently working on issue 142 which deals with a bug in the language where deletion on a object that has a 1-to-many association is not working. Song Bae Choi is working on issue 21, where Umple in a certain circumstance generates uncompilable Java code.

What I have been working on is to make the Umple compiler appear more like the gcc compiler. I have started by adding command line options to the Umple compiler, implementing some of the simpler command line options, such as printing the current compiler version number. I am currently working on a command line option feature, which can control the programming language Umple will output.

After having started working on Umple for three weeks, I have learned how to look at large projects with multiple components. Also now understand the use of ant build scripts, which will be very useful in the future. A challenge now is juggling time between my other busy courses and Umple work. I expect this to be a very important skill to have since I would like to participate in more OpenSouce projects in the future.