Here is the first blog post from Umple, written by Geoffrey Guest.

Flying has never been a joy of mine, however, we made it here in one piece

so I guess I can’t really complain. I met up with another UCOSPer, purely

by coincedence, on the way down. It turns out we both fit the bill of

“computer science student” in our own imaginations. The weekend was already

shaping up to be an excellent social and academic experience.

Friday was the day of errors. Yet through them we marched, never getting so

stuck as to quit all together and eventually we all came to the same place.

The group was a little discouraged by what they thought were fatal errors,

but in reality they could continue programming with them. In any case, it

was a relief to get on the shuttle and go back to the hotel where we shared

in some alcoholic beverages and had a few laughes.

Saturday on the other hand was the day of progress. Having overcome most of

the hang up’s the group started working on issues in full. I had completed

some patches prior to the code sprint, so I had some experience, and was

delighted to find that my aquired knowledge about the project would now be

useful to the others. There were several commits made, one that broke the

build but it was definitely progress. And in general everyone was in better

spirits. Me and another team member went to the Hobbit which was just as

good the second time as the first.

Overall I think the team has made tremendous strides in terms of being able

to talk to one another when we have problems, as well as becoming more

familiar with the code. Both of these were facilitated quite well by our

mentor who was always very encouraging. We must learn to wade into the

code, before we can swim in it, and we must do this slowly because or else

we will be swept away by the current and be lost. I think we have all

learnt a great deal hear at the hackfest, and I’m sure that we will learn a

great deal more by the end of the semester. In the end I think that joining

this program is going to be one of the best decisions I’ve made for my

life, and it’s fun too.